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One Weird Indicator Could Mean Big Profits in 2022

All this market volatility is making investors nervous. But falling prices are setting us up for some big profit opportunities. How do I know? Simple: my “alternative data.” (Hint: it involves AdultFriendFinder.) And in my latest video, I’ll explain everything. For a transcript of this video,…

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How to Turn Market Volatility into Profits

I’m predicting a volatile year ahead for the stock market. So what should we do? Sit on the sidelines? Absolutely not! In my latest video, I’ll reveal the secret to using volatility to your advantage… So you can turn it into profits. For a full…

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My #1 Way to Play this Week’s Jobs Data

We’re only a few days into the new year… But this is a hugely important week for Wall Street. Why? Because the data is coming — and it’s likely to rattle a lot of investors. But don’t worry: in my latest video, I’ll tell you exactly what this data means……

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Andrew Zatlin The Moneyball Economist

Andrew Zatlin

The Moneyball Economist Andrew Zatlin began his career as a trained economist, eventually focusing on consumer trends as a Research Fellow at the Kyoto University Economic Research Institute. Wanting more hands-on experience in the business world, he went to the Haas School of Berkeley for his MBA in 1992. — more