Biden’s “Big Bet” Went Bust — But You Can Profit

by Andrew Zatlin

Biden made a huge bet to reduce oil prices…

And his bet went bust!

But his loss can be your gain…

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Biden’s “Big Bet” Went Bust — But You Can Profit

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the U.S. enacted sanctions against Russia.

This cut off ten percent of the world’s oil.

Despite this, oil prices spent the summer trending down.

What happened? Market manipulation by the U.S. government!

Let me explain…

America’s Rainy-Day Fund

When oil reached $120 per barrel, President Biden panicked.

To bring down the price, he knew he needed to increase supply…

So he tapped into the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve — the SPR. This is America’s rainy-day oil fund, meant to provide a supply of oil that lasts one year.

As you can see below, SPR reserve levels have been pretty consistent over the last 40 years. But look what happened in 2022:

Biden drastically depleted our reserves!

He put about 150 million barrels of oil into the market — six months of U.S. consumption.

But then he wanted even more supply, so he turned to the Saudis. But they turned him away!

And now Biden’s big bet is going bust…

The Situation Gets Worse

Earlier this week, OPEC announced it’s cutting oil production by two million barrels a day.

This is happening at a time when Biden’s already reduced our available supply by almost half. In fact, U.S. oil reserves are at a forty-year low. Suddenly, we’re back to an extreme oil shortage.

Prices were already up ten percent last month. And now they’ll keep soaring.

It’s not all bad news, though — at least for investors like you…

You Can Still Profit

You see, many energy companies forecasted this exact scenario. They saw the writing on the wall.

In particular, oil companies believed supply would soon be limited again — and thus, that their services would be in high demand. To prepare, they started hiring.

For example, look at Helmerich & Payne (NYSE: HP), an oil-drilling company. Its hiring has surged:

Schlumberger (NYSE: SLB), another oil services company, has increased hiring, too:

The thing you need to keep in mind here is this:

If a company is hiring, you know it’s expecting growth…

And growth is what can translate into earnings gains — and gains in stock prices.

That’s why, in future essays, I’ll be revealing the best ways to take advantage of this scenario to profit. Don’t miss out!

In the meantime, Zatlin out. Talk to you soon.

In it to win it,

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