Israel to Bomb Iran

by Andrew Zatlin

Israel will bomb Iran.

That’s my prediction for 2023.

Let me explain why I’m convinced it’ll happen…

And what it might mean for your investments.

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Israel to Bomb Iran

The stock market has spent much of this year in turmoil, partly due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Unfortunately, I believe we’ll see another conflict break out in 2023, one that’ll keep the markets in disarray.

That’s right, folks. Next year, I believe Israel’s going to bomb Iran.

And the blowback on the stock markets will be significant.

Let me get you up to speed…

A Brief History Lesson

At the start of this century, America invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. And as a result, U.S. morale was exhausted, and our nation’s power on the world stage was weakened.

It was the same situation during the Vietnam War:

America got bogged down in conflict, and other nations took advantage.

Meanwhile, U.S. power eroded.

It wasn’t until Ronald Reagan was elected President that our world power was restored.

And this power struggle is exactly what we’re experiencing today. Let me explain…

The Situation Today

You see, our enemies recently took advantage of a window of opportunity.

Russia invaded Crimea. And China erected massive military bases so it could extend power into the South China Sea.

As for the U.S., we’re no longer in Iraq or Afghanistan.

So we have a “peace dividend” we can spend…

Which is part of the reason we decided to enter a conflict with Russia.

The U.S. vs. Russia

America’s currently at war with Russia.

Sure, it’s doing so through the proxy of Ukraine.

But America is defanging this enemy.

The thing is, the U.S. will soon have another loose end to tie up: nuclear Iran.

And just like with Russia, I believe it’ll use a proxy — in this case, Israel.

And I believe it’ll happen next year. Here’s why…

Nobody Is “Pro-Iran”

Sentiment regarding Iran has changed dramatically in recent years. And as a result, Israel is in a more suitable position to attack.

To start, Iran has lost nearly every ally it might have had in the West. Europe can’t support Iran because its citizens won’t allow it. They don’t like the way the country kills its own citizens. And they really don’t like the way Iran has armed Russia in the war against Ukraine.

Furthermore, other Western countries see no reason to be “pro-Iran.” Oil prices are falling.

These countries realize that Iran is no longer a threat simply to the Middle East…

But because it’s arming Russia with ballistic missiles and drones — not to mention receiving nuclear technology from the Russians — it’s become a threat to all of Europe.

Releasing the Hounds

Could Israel really take action? You bet it could.

For one, Israel knows where key targets are located. For another, distance is no longer as big of a barrier. Israel can cut across Saudi Arabia to reach Iran. It even has jets stationed in United Arab Emirates, and it has submarines at its disposal.

Israel has the weapons it needs, except for one: the mother of all bombs.

But perhaps the U.S. steps in and gives it to them.

Given America’s success at battling Russia, I think the U.S. will let the hounds off the leash.

Diplomacy and deterrence haven’t been effective against Iran. Now it’s time for direct action in an effort to remove Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Keep an Eye Out in 2023

This action could happen early next year.

But first, the U.S. still has to focus on weakening Russia. That’ll take time.

America also has to replenish its oil reserves which have dwindled during the past eight months.

That’s why I think late 2023 is when we’ll see the direct action I’m forecasting.

Here’s what it’ll mean for investors like you…

Your Chance to Prepare

First and foremost, brace for higher oil prices. The spike may be temporary, but no matter how long it lasts, it’ll create problems for the stock market.

Second, if oil prices jump, so will sales of weapons. We might even see higher uranium prices as a fear of oil could draw more interest in nuclear power.

Finally, look for a strong U.S. dollar.

Bottom line: we saw what happened to the markets and U.S. economy during Russia’s war with Ukraine. I think we’re going to see history repeat itself next year, so get ready.

If you’re a “Pro” subscriber, I’ll show you how I’m preparing for another war-torn year.

In the meantime, we’re in it to win it. Zatlin out.



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