It's Time for Your Portfolio to Go Nuclear

by Andrew Zatlin

The state of California just did something that could make investors a fortune…

And I want to make sure you get a piece of this windfall.

Today, I’ll show you how.

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It’s Time for Your Portfolio to Go Nuclear

Have you heard the news from California?

By 2035, any new vehicle sold in California needs to be gasoline-free.

In other words, the Golden State is embracing electric vehicles (EV).

2035 doesn’t give it much time to make such a massive shift.

And as I’ll explain, that’s why there are opportunities for us to profit!

Let’s Go Electric

Before I share some of these opportunities, let me set the stage here…

As California gears up for an EV future, big business is coming along for the ride. For example:

Ford (NYSE: F) is investing eleven billion dollars in a plant to make batteries. And it’s investing an additional three billion dollars for a plant to build electric trucks.

General Motors (NYSE: GM) plans to stop selling gasoline-powered cars and trucks by 2035 — the same deadline as California.

Simply put, businesses and governments are going electric.

But what resources are needed to actually make that happen?

California Isn’t Ready… Yet

To make the conversion to EVs, experts estimate we’ll need twenty-five percent more electricity.

This electricity can come from nuclear, coal, solar, wind — there are many options. Furthermore, the supply doesn’t have to be local. For example, California could get its electricity from solar power plants in Nevada.

This is important, because California isn’t prepared yet for an electric future…

For example, this is the same state that, just last week, told EV owners not to charge their cars for fear of blowing up the energy grid!

Now, just imagine the investment opportunities this is creating…

Power-Plant Activity to Increase

More specifically, consider what’s going to happen as the demand for energy soars.

For starters, we’ll see a rapid ramp-up in power plant activity.

From an investment perspective, I’m a huge fan of power plants. Many of these companies offer good dividends, and they rarely go out of business.

Furthermore, there’s a big opportunity here — particularly with respect to nuclear plants.

Let me explain…

Nuclear Is the Place to Be

The U.S. recently committed to what are called small modular reactors (SMRs). Essentially, these are mini nuclear power plants.

SMRs are smaller, easier to operate, and can be built virtually anywhere.

Last month, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced the first approved SMR, a strong sign for the future of nuclear power.

Furthermore, countries like France, Germany, and Japan are committed to SMRs, too.

Two Investment Opportunities

But I’m also bullish on suppliers like General Electric (NYSE: GE). GE makes turbines and many other energy infrastructure components, whether for nuclear, coal, or gas.

And in the nuclear power sector specifically, consider Centrus Energy (NYSEAMERICAN: LEU).

This uranium provider (uranium is the fuel most widely used by nuclear plants) is global. And with the world increasingly going nuclear, demand for its services could go through the roof.

Those are a couple of ideas on how to get positioned for the major energy shift that’s coming.

And if you’re a “Pro” subscriber, I’ve got details on one of my favorite opportunities.

In the meantime, Zatlin out. Talk to you soon.



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