Look at This “It Checks Every Box” Investment

by Andrew Zatlin

Ever come across an investment that checks every box? 

Today, I’ll share one with you…

And explain why you shouldn’t pass it up.

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Look at This “It Checks Every Box” Investment

Folks, I found it — the perfect investment.

  • It’s in a market that’s essential to human life.
  • This market will gain eighty million new customers a year for the next five years.
  • And meanwhile, supply to this market is evaporating.

Can you guess the market I’m referring to?

Food: Limited Supply, Soaring Demand

It’s the market for food.

You see, the worldwide food supply is crashing. But demand for it is rising.

For starters, available land that can be used for farming keeps shrinking.

For example, Egypt used to be an exporter of wheat. But now it’s an importer because it damned up the Nile River. Syria, meanwhile, can’t feed itself because it ruined its water resources.

China already has more than a billion mouths to feed. It’s the same situation in India. And still, demand continues to surge…

Over the next five years, 400 million new people will be born into our world and need to be fed.

This is a dire situation.

And that’s where an opportunity presents itself…

Emerging Winners

A handful of winners are already emerging from this crisis.

For example, the income of American farmers rose forty-five percent this year.

And sales for agriculture equipment manufacturer John Deere (NYSE: DE) jumped twenty-five percent in the last quarter alone.

But if you’re looking for the biggest investment opportunity — the one that checks every box ­— you don’t have to look far…

Look at This “It Checks Every Box” Investment

It’s agricultural technology.

I’m talking about Ag-Tech that can help supply us with more food:

Hydroponic farming… vertical farming… high-tech soil sensors… you name it.

Friends, if we don’t figure out how to grow more food, there’s going to be a revolution. And no one wants a revolution — not politicians, not citizens, no one.

With huge and growing demand for food and only a limited supply of it, Ag-Tech is a sector you can count on to deliver profits for years to come.

And if you’re a “Pro” subscriber, I’ll share one of my favorite ways to invest in it.

We’re in it to win it. Zatlin out.



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