One Term for Biden? That’s All He’ll Get

by Andrew Zatlin

Joe Biden has a problem.

In fact, the entire Democratic Party has a problem.

Today I’ll explain what it is, and reveal how it could cost the President his seat in the Oval Office.

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One Term for Biden? That’s All He’ll Get

The Democrats have a habit of ignoring their minority voting base.

That may not seem like a huge deal. After all, if it’s just the minority, why worry about it?

But as it turns out, this lack of attention could cost Democrats the 2024 election…

And send President Biden home after only one term.

Are You in the Minority?

Let’s start with a basic understanding of U.S. politics.

If you’re white and Christian, congratulations. You’re the majority. If you’re not either of those things, and you want some kind of political voice, your only option is to band together.

This reality is why the Republican Party is pretty homogenous — a lot of white, Christian voters.

The Democratic Party, meanwhile, is a patchwork quilt of different religions, ethnicities, and interest groups. And that’s a big problem. Here’s why…

Tough to Find Common Ground

First, it’s simple logic. If you’re representing everyone, you’re essentially representing no one, right? It’s hard to find common ground among several different groups.

As a result, the Democratic Party isn’t a shared value, it’s a shared approach. It represents the marginalized and the underrepresented.

Here’s the only problem with that:

What do you do in a system where the term “underrepresented” has become twisted to mean oppressed — the “have nots” vs. the “haves”?

Lately, it’s meant voters leaving the Democratic Party in droves and heading for Republican pastures.

In 2020, Donald Trump received 32% of the Latino vote. That was up from 28% in 2016.

What’s happening is that the values and issues of these voters that were largely being ignored by the Democrats are being addressed by Republican candidates.

And that brings us to the third problem…

For too long, Democrats have taken minority voters for granted. They’ve assumed they’d always be loyal to the party, if for no other reason than there aren’t other options.

But now they’re realizing that these voters are frustrated. And this time, it could lose them…

Manufactured Hatred

You see, the Jewish vote is up for grabs in this election. And things in the Democratic Party have gotten particularly despairing for this group.

I’m not going to use the term anti-sematic. That’s too cosmetic. Instead, I’m going to call it what it is — hatred of the Jewish people, and there’s plenty of it in the Democratic Party.

The thing is, this hatred was manufactured.

Flash back to 9/11. There was a big problem for Middle Eastern countries: they weren’t liked across much of America.

So they initiated a major public-relations campaign, if you will. They started donating substantial money to college campuses not just to improve the understanding of their cultures, but to align certain students with them.

Specifically, they pushed an anti Israel-U.S. agenda. Countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia donated billions to college campuses.

What does this have to do with Democrats?

The Past Has Become the Present

Well, those students from 20 years ago are now the leaders of the Democratic Party on local and national levels.

Simply put, these people were brainwashed with anti-Jewish rhetoric years ago, and are now putting the Democratic Party in jeopardy of losing this minority group.

Think I’m crazy? Just look at the data:

Notice how 88% of the Republican vote in 2016 was white. But by 2022, that was down to 85%.

In other words, more non-white voters are joining the Republican Party…

And this could spell doom for both the Democrats and President Biden.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this trend as the election race heats up. In the meantime, Zatlin out.



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