'Operation: Snake Defanging' Could Deliver Life-Changing Profits

by Andrew Zatlin

Looking for a surefire investment opportunity?

A brewing conflict in the Middle East might just create one.

Let me explain why events happening halfway around the world could offer a boost to your portfolio.

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'Operation: Snake Defanging' Could Deliver Life-Changing Profits

Around the holidays, I made a bold prediction for the coming year:

Israel will bomb Iran in 2023.

Three months later, I'm more convinced than ever that it's bound to happen...

And the impact could open up opportunities in one massive sector.

Nuclear Weapons – Why They're Essential

To set the stage, though, let me step out of my role as financial "guru" and into the role of military strategist/historian.

You see, our investment opportunity centers around what I call "Operation: Snake Defanging." More on this in a moment. For now, understand this...

Iran wants nuclear weapons. Why? Because simply possessing them keeps would-be attackers at bay. At the same time, not having them invites all sorts of trouble.

Consider what happened in Libya. Former leader Muammar Gaddafi actively pursued nuclear options until 2003. Soon after, his country was overrun, and he was killed.

Ukraine, meanwhile, had ironclad agreements from the U.S. and Russia that if it gave up its nuclear weapons, nobody would invade. Today, you simply need to turn on the news to see how well that agreement held up.

On the flip side, North Korea is a nation that hasn't relinquished its nuclear weapons, and it's never been attacked. Israel also has nuclear weapons – and no invaders.

Iran's Sphere of Influence

If you're Iran, the lesson is clear: Nuclear weapons are a critical defensive strategy. And coincidentally, they balance the country's offensive ambitions.

You see, Iran is creating a sphere of influence when it comes to the Middle East. As you can see below, it already effectively controls neighboring Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Now it's pushing into Afghanistan.

The thing is, this desire for control all centers around one commodity: oil!

So, we have a country that's threatening its neighbors and even bumping against U.S. allies. Is it time for action?

Operation: Snake Defanging

Not quite – at least, not involving American soldiers.

For a while, Iran's actions were a regional, if not local, issue. But then the Russia-Ukraine war happened...

And suddenly, this local problem went global. Iran started selling weapons to Russia and that put it back under the watchful eye of the U.S.

Earlier, I mentioned the phrase Operation: Snake Defanging. Here's what that means...

Right now, Russia is considered the big snake. And its battle with Ukraine is siphoning much of its military power, not only to protect its own nation but also allies like Iran.

This means any potential blowback from messing with Iran is limited. In other words, it's now an advantageous time to "defang" Iran, the smaller snake.

Israel Could Act

But again, America doesn't want to sacrifice American lives. That's why I believe it will simply supply other nations with equipment and weapons.

And here's where investors like us come into the picture. An attack on Iran – be it from Israel or whomever – will have repercussions...

Including the inevitable rise in oil prices. That sets up key investment opportunities in this sector...

And if you're a "Pro" subscriber, I'll share one of these opportunities with you right now.

In the meantime, we're in it to win it. Zatlin out.



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