The EXACT Date the Market Will Rally 10%

by Andrew Zatlin

Last week, the market crashed 4% in just three days.

But if you followed my advice, you actually made money.

Let me explain why I’ve been so spot-on with my forecasts recently…

And why our next money-making opportunity is coming up fast.

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The EXACT Date the Market Will Rally 10%

I’m not often mistaken for Nostradamus, the ancient master of predicting events. But perhaps that’s changing…

Last month, I predicted the S&P 500 would climb to about 4,200, then crash roughly 10%.

Sure enough, the market reached just shy of 4,200, then promptly collapsed 13%.

To be clear, I don’t have a crystal ball.

I simply know about stock traders’ bag of tricks, including one they’ve used repeatedly this year to score windfalls of profits.

Today, their “trick” is your treat. Let me explain…

How Traders Manipulate the Market

Four times this year, the S&P 500 has dropped about 10%.

This isn’t a coincidence. It has to do with the way portfolio managers automate their trading.

Often, managers will invest with an “out.” If the stock drops 10%, get me outta there. In other words, sell, sell, sell.

This out is usually automated. And if the investor has deep enough pockets, these moves can easily trigger a big sell-off.

And that’s exactly what we’ve been experiencing right now. The market’s falling 10% at a time, leading to repeated sell-offs.

But if you know how, you can make money when this happens. Here’s how…

Catch You on the Rebound

First, if you know about the 10% out, you can put positions on that will make money as a stock starts falling.

And second, once that stock has fallen, you can scoop it back up, and make even more money as it rebounds.

But how can you be so sure it’ll rebound? That’s the key…

You see, following the big drops this year, the market has rebounded each time. Take a look:

In February, the market bounced back by about 6%. In March, it rebounded more than 11%. The most recent rebound was almost 10%.

Following this current 13% slide, a rebound is right around the corner. The question is:

When will it happen?

Mark Your Calendars

Each rebound this year happened within a few weeks of a crash. And I think this time will be no different.

In fact, on Friday, July 8th, payroll data will be released. And this will be the trigger the market is looking for.

I’m expecting the data to be weak. But bad news for the economy means good news for the stock market.

That’s because the market’s been floundering as the Fed raises interest rates repeatedly. But a weakness in inflation and/or payrolls suggests the Fed may be able to take its foot off the gas…

Which would send the market soaring.

You need to get ready to take advantage of this mini-bull rally. And if you’re a “Pro” subscriber, I’ll show you exactly how.

In the meantime, Zatlin out. Talk to you soon.



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