This Idea Could Be Your Next Triple-Bagger

by Andrew Zatlin

For the last few weeks, my readers have been using my recommendations to hit homeruns. I’m talking about triple-baggers.

How have my forecasts been so accurate?

Simple: artificial events were driving the markets.

But now I’ve got a new forecast, and new trade ideas. To see what they are, watch this video.

For a transcript of this video, see below. This transcript has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

This Idea Could Be Your Next Triple-Bagger

For much of this year, the market’s been moving based on mechanical reasons — like “triple-witching” options expiration and artificial events like that.

But now there’s about to be a sea change.

We’re going back to fundamentals.

That means investors can finally focus on the underlying economics of the market.

The thing is, investors don’t like what they’re seeing…

Confidence is Waning

First of all, look at the Consumer Confidence Index.

Any score above 100 means consumers feel optimistic about the U.S. economy. Anything below means the opposite.

Well, the index crashed last month — from 103.2 in May, to 98.7 in June.

That indicates that consumers have become fearful of a recession. And if they’re fearful of a recession, that means they’ll spend less. And that in itself can trigger a recession!

Then there’s the data on jobless claims. The most recent figure was 231,000.

That’s not the kind of number we’d see if the economy was firing on all cylinders.

The Evidence Mounts

Then, next week, we’ll see the new payroll data. And keep in mind, that’s my area of expertise. I’ve been Bloomberg’s #1 Forecaster for Payroll Data.

Take a look at this chart:

This is ten years of private payrolls, month-over-month.

Generally, we see monthly growth of around 200,000 — except during Covid, when that number reached north of 500,000.

But as you can see, payrolls have been increasing at a slower rate lately:

I’m forecasting a number of around 200,000. That means we’ll be going from half a million people being hired each month, to a couple hundred thousand.

Bottom line: all this is evidence of a weakening economy…

And signs that the downward journey in the market will likely continue.

Home Runs and Triple-Baggers

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We’re in it to win it.

Zatlin out. Have a great holiday weekend.



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