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As you know, I’m always “in it to win it.”

But now I feel like I’ve won the lottery…

And I think you’ve won the lottery, too.

You see, I was just asked to join forces with some of the greatest financial minds in the industry.

I’m talking about industry-leading economists and forecasters like Jim RickardsAddison Wiggin, and Bill Bonner.

And I’m super excited to announce that you’ll be coming with me!

How did this happen?

To make a long story short, ownership of Moneyball Economics has changed hands. And the new owner — a financial publisher with considerable resources and an impressive stable of experts — has decided to give me a broader perch from which to share my insights.

So you’ll still hear from me, just like you always have…

But now you’ll also hear from a few select others who can help you understand — and profit from — the worlds of economics, politics, history, and investments.

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I look forward to continuing to share my insights and investment ideas with you in the future!

In it to win it,

Moneyball Economics