Your Daily Breakfast Could Help You Make a Small Fortune

by Andrew Zatlin

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I say it's the centerpiece of an under-the-radar money-making opportunity.

Let me explain...

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Your Daily Breakfast Could Help You Make a Small Fortune

What'd you have for breakfast this morning? A bowl of cereal? Pancakes? A piece of toast?

What if I told you that the meal that kicks off your day could jumpstart your investment portfolio?

Here's what I mean...

It Starts With Wheat

Whatever you had for breakfast, chances are, it was made with wheat. And guess what? This commodity is back in the headlines.

Earlier this week, Russia pulled out of something called the Black Sea grain deal. This was an agreement that enabled Ukraine to export its grain by sea, despite a wartime blockade. And it was a deal that was essential to keeping global food prices stable.

You see, Ukraine is considered a breadbasket for much of the world. It's a top producer of things like wheat, corn, and sunflower. Entire nations – Egypt, for example – rely on imports from Ukraine to survive.

Now, that survival is in jeopardy...

Playing the Long Game

Russia's opt out of this deal might be seen by some as merely a threat – an attempt at extortion. But it's more nuanced than that.

The past several nights, Russia has bombarded the Port of Odesa, the largest Ukrainian seaport. It wants to take out both the port and grain silos nearby.

Consider the ramifications. Not only is Russia wiping out much of the world's current grain supply by pulling out of this deal, but it's also affecting future crop growth. Keep in mind that crops spoil if there's nowhere to store them. And if grain silos are demolished, the future of things like wheat and corn are bleak.

Is history simply repeating itself?

Remember 'Farmageddon'?

Last year, we introduced you to a phenomenon known as "Farmageddon." Basically, this was our term for supply issues surrounding key ingredients and commodities, issues that made food scarce and your grocery bills higher.

A year ago, we saw fertilizer prices double:

And we saw wheat prices quadruple:

Limited supply meant prices for these commodities skyrocketed, and it mean a boom in U.S. farm production as several countries turned to America to fill their bellies.

Now, we're in a similar situation...

What Happens Now?

A quarter of the world's wheat and corn supplies have been hit. And grain production for this year and next year is already plummeting.

While we wait to see how this impacts grocery store shelves here in America, rest assured there will be a fair share of winners and losers.

Some winners, for example, include the farming industry. Farmers are now in prime position to boost their crop yields and make more money. That'll mean an increase in things like farming equipment and supplies.

If you're an investor looking to make a quick buck from this latest turmoil, farming is a sector you might consider.

As for me, though, I've taking a more targeted approach. It's a play that, given the right series of events, could more than double your money in short order.

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