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This Blackjack Dealer Changed How I Invest

Once upon a time, back before the Weather Channel existed, fishermen were forced to rely on their powers of observation. For example, maybe they’d notice that seagulls were gathering on shore. This was an indication that birds were getting the heck out of the water because a storm was brewing.…

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How to Use Sex, Drugs & Gambling to Be a Better Investor

People! Listen up. I have to admit something: A couple of weeks ago, I dove deep into some sex, drugs, and gambling. But am I ashamed? Heck, no. Because it wasn’t pleasure I was looking for… it was profits. Today, I’ll explain what I mean… Then I’ll reveal how these…

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Make 10% in ONE WEEK with this Secret Weapon

How do you pick investments? In other words, how do you decide to buy a company’s stock, or to bet against it? I use a “secret weapon” that’s led me to the top spot on Bloomberg. It tells me which companies are growing — before their earnings are announced. Today,…

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Andrew Zatlin The Moneyball Economist

Andrew Zatlin

The Moneyball Economist Andrew Zatlin began his career as a trained economist, eventually focusing on consumer trends as a Research Fellow at the Kyoto University Economic Research Institute. Wanting more hands-on experience in the business world, he went to the Haas School of Berkeley for his MBA in 1992. — more